Do you struggle with intermittent or chronic pain that interferes with the quality of your life? If you suffer with either emotional or physical pain, don’t miss this show. My special guest +Shalini Yamdagni offers hope to chronic pain sufferers who are seeking natural alternatives to mind-numbing drugs.

Shalini is an International Pain Relief Expert who has helped thousands of people around the world become pain free, naturally. She will share the very tools and techniques she used to free herself of chronic pain after 10 long years of suffering and visiting numerous traditional pain reducing clinics.



June 27th

at 1 pm Pacific, 4 pm Eastern

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Virginia Parsons


Shalini Yamdagni

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  • Why your Pain is NOT your Enemy  
  • Physical Pain and your Emotions 
  •  DIY Technique for Instant Pain Relief

A decade ago, Shalini was diagnosed with an illness that caused her Chronic Pain. Nothing she tried worked. After many months of treatments and therapies, Shalini’s doctors suggested that she quit her job go on bedrest forever. Not being able to be a regular mother to her 2 small children was heart wrenching, and almost worse than the physical pain. 

Luckily Shalini bumped into a tool online and used it to completely heal herself of the chronic pain and disease. In the process, she discovered her purpose on earth. Since then she has helped thousands break free from their pain with this powerful, simple tool that they can now use to be in charge of their health. Amazingly, Shalini’s first official client was a doctor! 


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